You can join guided group classes weekly in Lier or Wommelgem.

Yoga classes

Herewith you find an overview of my types of yoga classes. In my shala (yoga room) I teach groups of up to 4 persons. Yoga mats and props are available, but you are of course welcome to bring your own.

Ashtanga Yoga

In Ashtanga, you perform a series of established poses (asanas). Each session you repeat these poses and perfect them bit by bit. Due to the repetitive and intense nature of this yoga style, you get to know and learn to develop your body in a very structured manner. The breathing technique (ujjayi) which is central in Ashtanga provides focus and tranquility.

Where necessary, poses are adjusted and personalized to ensure your comfort, safety and progress.

Vinyasa Yoga

In Vinyasa Yoga, different asanas follow one another fluidly. The order and type of movements varies, leaving more room for creativity. In a Vinyasa flow, you first warm up, then work toward a key pose by opening up your muscles and joints through a series of preparatory poses. Finally, you finish with some more relaxing asanas. This form of yoga is a fine challenge for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Yin Yang Yoga

Are you looking for a form of yoga to both loosen and strengthen your muscles and take a moment to unwind? During these yoga sessions, we combine the benefits of Yang and Yin. We make you stronger and provide you with extra energy. But we also provide relaxation, flexibility and space in your body and mind.

Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga

During a Yin or restorative yoga session, you stay in the poses longer and let gravity do its work with you. It is an excellent yoga style  to help both body and mind to recover.  In such a guided Yin session, you learn  to deal with your own limits, while we will monitor together whether these can eventually be extended safely.

But make no mistake: a Yin session can also be made quite intense. The focus is then on stretching muscles, tendons and fascia, leading to increased flexibility. This constitutes an excellent supplement for (strength) athletes.

Meditative Yoga

In meditative yoga, we explore the optimal techniques to focus and shut off your senses. Breathing techniques (Pranayama) and guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) deliver support.

This way you unwind more easily and you also learn to cope with peaks and troughs. Thanks to meditative yoga, you stimulate both your creative brain and your logical brain and develop a better cooperation between both. Which sharpens your focus and thinking.

Yoga at work

Everyone faces stress at work from time to time. The ideal way to take a breathing moment is yoga. Taking an hour to unwind – during lunch break, for example – ensures that you can get back to work loaded with positive energy.

Every company is different, of course. That’s why we discuss in advance how you – as an employer, manager or HR person – see our fit. Together we coordinate duration, frequency, level and location.


As a yoga club or yoga teacher, are you looking for a temporary backup because you are on leave or going on vacation? Feel free to give me a call, and together we’ll see if I can help you out.